Massage Therapy & Bodywork

Massage Therapy & Bodywork

Craving some help recovering from a big day of mountain adventures? Sink into the restorative peace of an unforgettable massage. Start your vacation or end a busy day by unwinding into a state of serenity. Ease insomnia, recover from jet lag, stimulate circulation, enhance creativity, speed recovery and much more by surrendering to the hands of a skillful massage therapist.

Relax & Rejuvenate

The Body Sage Spa was founded by a massage therapist and has long enjoyed a national reputation for exceptional massage therapy. Whether you need to relax from the stresses of life, recover from a long day or week in the mountains, or need help with pain related to muscular issues, the skilled practitioners will listen to and address your needs with a variety of modalities.

Relax & Rejuvenate

The Sage Within

Allow your practitioner to customize your session to the needs of your body, using targeted modalities, choosing light, medium, firm pressure

1 hr $215/ 1.5 hr $320/ 2 hr $430 


Deep Release

A targeted muscular release applying in-depth techniques and innovative tools to alleviate pain and restore and renew the entire body

1 hr $225 1.5 hr $335/ 2 hr $450 


Energy Force

An energizing massage based on quantum physics with custom aromatherapy, modalities and personal pressure preference

1 hr $225/ 1.5 hr $335/ 2 hr $450 


Restful Reset

Activate the parasympathetic system for a heightened sense of relaxation and a powerful sleep encouraging experience

1 hr $215/ 1.5 hr $320/ 2 hr $430 


Next Level Après

After a long day of adventure, facilitate recovery with stretching, warm herbal compresses and targeted massage to get you back to doing what you love

1.5 hr $360/ 2 hr $485 



Allow yourself to relax while you and baby-to-be are pampered with a soothing massage, and hand and foot treatment

1 hr $215 


Couples Connection

Deepen your connection with side-by-side massage in our couple’s suite. Each person will choose their oils, massage style and pressure.

1 hr $450/ 1.5 hr $650/ 2 hr $870 (per couple) 


Enhancements / Body Add-Into Service

Hand or Foot Melts / $30

Invigorating Scalp Treatment/ $30

Hydrating Shea Butter/ $30

Locally Harvested Arnica/ $30

Regional CBD Arnica/ $30

Heated Herbal Compresses / $50

Full Face Mask / $50

Eye Mask / $25

Décolleté Mask / $30


Couples Body Add-On To Service

Couples Bathing Ritual / 30min add-on to massage or ritual / $125

Additional Services


Soaring peaks, thundering rivers, and untamed forests make mountain living rugged. While beautiful, it can take a toll on your body. The Body Sage Spa offers a range of replenishing services: massage for post-adventure aches or deep relaxation; facials to soothe parched skin and exquisite rituals for a transformative experience. Located within the Rusty Parrot, the Body Sage Spa is renowned for its impeccably trained massage therapists and estheticians who treat you to premier, natural products throughout every treatment.

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Rituals & Packages

Rituals are designed to take you deeply inside yourself for a healing journey. Inspired by traditional bathhouse rituals or specifically crafted for the outcome you need, all include bodywork and...

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Facials & Skincare

Exploring life at altitude can leave your skin feeling less than flawless. Let our expert estheticians reveal healthy, glowing skin with an array of bespoke facials and treatments combat dry air, extreme temperatures, and increased sun exposure. Elixirs from nature, clean active ingredients, locally wildcrafted herbs and the most effective technology are at your disposal for powerful results and a soothing experience.

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