Spa Services

Rituals & Packages

Rituals are designed to take you deeply inside yourself for a healing journey. Inspired by traditional bathhouse rituals or specifically crafted for the outcome you need, all include bodywork and...

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Facials & Skincare

Exploring life at altitude can leave your skin feeling less than flawless. Let our expert estheticians reveal healthy, glowing skin with an array of bespoke facials and treatments combat dry air, extreme temperatures, and increased sun exposure. Elixirs from nature, clean active ingredients, locally wildcrafted herbs and the most effective technology are at your disposal for powerful results and a soothing experience.

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Massage Therapy & Bodywork

Craving some help recovering from a big day of mountain adventures? Sink into the restorative peace of an unforgettable massage. Start your vacation or end a busy day by unwinding into a state of serenity. Ease insomnia, recover from jet lag, stimulate circulation, enhance creativity, speed recovery and much more by surrendering to the hands of a skillful massage therapist.

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