Freezing Cloud is a Conjurations/Air Magic/Ice Magic spell which creates 8 to 10 clouds of freezing vapour around the smite-targeted tile. This spell uses “flood fill”: casting it on an open space will create a perfect 3×3 rectangle if you get 9 clouds, but using it in a corridor will spread the same 9 clouds throughout the corridor. While this spell is very powerful, potentially dealing sizable cold damage (6+(1d16 + 2d17 – 3)/3; averaging 13.83 per turn) multiple times to anything that decides to charge through, be careful not to catch yourself in it without rC+ or better.
Although you can target any tile within its range and your line of sight, be aware that you cannot target a tile that already contains a cloud of any sort. Creatures already within existing clouds will not be affected by Freezing Cloud unless they step into the icy mess you create around them. The effect can spill out of line of sight, but it will dissipate four times as fast.

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