Series Cards

Make a commitment to your health or the health of someone you love with a value-priced series card. Enjoy these treatments at your leisure throughout the year. Cards are valid for exactly one year; value remaining will be converted to the dollar value. Substitutions may be made by converting the card to a dollar value. No further discounts apply; may not be combined with other special offers.


Create a card

Put together a package of any six or more treatments and receive a 15% discount.


Body: 6 Integrative Massages

1 hour $635 ($750 value), 1 ½ hour $895 ($1050 value)

Feel the difference in your body and in your life when you receive bodywork on a regular basis. 


Skin: 6 Custom Facials

1 hour $650 ($750 value), 1 ½ hours $895 ($1050 value)

Experience the healthy glow of well-nourished skin.


Happy Mama: 5 Custom Treatments

Happy Mama $735 ($865 value)

Nurture the nurturer with five different treatments, all valid over the course of a year. Remember-"If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" This series includes the following treatments:

2 Integrative Massages (1 hour)
1 Integrative or Traditional Thai Massage (1 ½ hours)
1 Custom Facial (1 hour)
1 Hammam or Japan Ritual (2 ½ hours)


Newlyweds: 3 Couple's Treatments

Newlyweds $805 ($950 Value)

For newlyweds or couples who feel like newlyweds, this series includes the following double treatments:

1 Couples Integrative Massage (1 hour)
1 Couples Hot Stones Massage (1½ hour)
1 Couples Soak and Massage (1 ½ hours)

Private spa tub