Natural Packages
The Nature, Hammam and Japan Packages are inspired by the bath house traditions of Finland, Morrocoo and Japan, respectively. All packages include massage, body polish, aromatherapy mist, and hydrating cream. The 3 hour packages include a soak and the four hour packages include a facial.

 2.5 hour $335, 3 hour $385, 4 hour $495  

Nature-the newest offering!

Experience a rush of wellness, immersed in healing sea minerals, fresh tree oils, warm rosewood, crushed juniper and artic berries. Transport the senses to an experience of untouched nature on par with the pure wildness of the Tetons. Cleanse with milk forest purifier and bioactive berry exfoliant, pruify with lymphatic sea masque and vita flower mist, massage with fresh berry oil serum and nourish with artic berry cloud milk cream. 


Retreat into a ritual of warmth, earthy texture and pure scent for intense therapeutic transformation based on the skin care practices of the Hammam bathhouse. Relax with a lemon coffee blossom scrub, jasmine clay polish, Moroccan mint tea silt purifier, orange quince mist, cardamom amber massage and tangerine fig butter creme. 


Inspired by the Japanese bathing ritual, you'll cleanse, gently polish, hydrate and deeply soften the skin. Enjoy a yuzu mimosa sea algae wash, ohana gingergrass bamboo scrub, rose camellia plum mist, kinmoxie wild lime silk massage, plum blossom silk cream and wild cherry blossom buff.


2 hour $285, 2.5 hour $335, 3 hour $385

Locally-gathered arnica flowers help relax and heal sore muscles during the sports massage. The lavender fir mountain herbal wrap provides deep relaxation and relief for over-used muscles. An aromatherapy salt glow nourishes skin and leaves it with a healthy glow.


2.5 hour $335, 3 hour $385

The perfect lift for your body and spirit, this package features a customized facial, therapeutic massage and salt glow body scrub. Schedule this energizing package whenever you want to look and feel your best.