Wildlife Expeditions

Jackson, Wyoming, is a nature lover’s paradise. The spectacular scenery, incredible geology, diverse ecology, and interesting history make it a favorite among those who wish to learn more about this unique area.

As a result, wildlife expeditions and nature tours have become one of the more popular activities in the area. They attract thousands of visitors each year who are drawn to beast, plant and rock.

The Wildlife Expeditions of the Teton Science Schools, a local non-profit organization, has been featured in both USA Today and the CBS Early Show, and has received rave reviews for their expert guides, ability to find wildlife, and friendliness.

The Jackson Hole region is home to a more diverse population of large mammals than anywhere else in the United States. Most times during the year, visitors can expect to see around five species, including moose, mule deer, pronghorns, elk, bison and bighorn sheep. Golden and bald eagles, Sandhill Cranes and the magnificent Trumpeter Swans are among the 300 bird species that call this region their home.

And that’s just the birds and animals. Experienced guides will also comment on the geology, fauna and ecology of the area. Learn the history of the Grand Teton Mountain Range, including the events leading to their formation and the evolution of the area in natural terms.

You’ll get a front row seat in an ecosystem that’s among the most diverse and breathtaking in the world. The staff at the Rusty Parrot keeps track of animal sightings and can often point you in the right direction to track them on your own.

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