Snowshoe and Dogsled

Have you ever wanted to run the iditarod in Alaska?  Neither have we but if you would like to get a taste of what that is all about, Jackson Hole is home to some of the teams that compete in that long and grueling Alaskan Sled Dog Race. These amazing animals have more heart than you can imagine.  They love to pull that sled on a full run.  They are extremely well trained and it is a unique adventure.  You have the opportunity to stand on the runners and quide your own team.

There is a wide range of options from quick excursions to multiple night marathons. Local outfitters take care of all of the equipment and ensure that the trips are exciting as well as safe.

The other way to experience the backcountry in the winter is on snowshoes.  While you probaby won't want to deliver the mail over a 50 mile route as was done in the early decades of Jackson Hole, it is a a great way to get away from the crowds and into the undisturbed winter paradise.  Ther are no end to the number of options available and the trails to take through out the region

One unique option takes you to a Winter Teepee Camp on the banks of the Snake River. The trail winds through a cottonwood forest that is home to elk, moose and deer. After a fresh snow you will see fresh tracks and occasionally catch a glimpse of the animal making them.

A short hike through the forest brings you to the banks of the Snake River and provides spectacular views of the Teton Range. Bald eagles, golden eagles and numerous waterfowl spend the winter here. The trumpeter swan is a winter resident of the river bottom and you can often hear and see this rare bird. River otter and coyote tracks are seen at the river’s edge and on occasion sightings.

The destination is a teepee built in a style similar to those of the original native Americans.  You will likely be surprised by the warmth and comfort.  Hot chocolate, coffee and tea await you upon arrival. A hot lunch of homemade soup and grilled sandwiches complete the day. Moonlight and evening trips feature hors d'oeuvres, steak or salmon entree and dessert. A moonlight trip is magic.  The stillness and contrast with the light of day will stay with you for a lifetime.

While we are here to help, these links feature some of our preferred outfitters if you prefer to make your own arrangements. 

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