Snowmobile & Snowcoach

snowmobilesOne of the most common complaints about the winter season is the inability to get to all of the places you can visit during the summer. As you’re about to learn, however, you can see a lot more than you think.

The prevalence of snowmobile and snow coach tours has been a welcome addition to the region, and gives our guests more options to explore and see the area during the winter months.

Snowmobile tours vary from 30 to 90 miles roundtrip. Bundle up and hang on tight as you glide over groomed trails through pine forests and aspen groves. Be sure to keep your eye out for moose, bison, elk and bighorn sheep. Some of the trips include hot springs with temperatures up to 105 degrees, so be sure to bring your swimsuit for a relaxing winter soak. Some of the more popular destinations are Granite Hot Springs, Gros Ventre Mountain Range, the Greys River, Togwotee Pass and Yellowstone National Park. Memories of the spectacular scenery and wildlife will remain with you long after the trip is over.

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snowcoachSnow Coach Tours are quite popular and provide a unique away to explore Yellowstone National Park. Snow Coaches are usually modern vans whose wheels have been replaced with large rubber treads. The ride is quiet and smooth, and, of course, the vans also have heaters! The tours get you places you wouldn’t normally be able to go at a speed anyone would be comfortable with. Be sure to bring your camera!

Let our concierge staff make all your arrangements in advance to insure the best experience.

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