Wildlife Expeditions

Wyoming is made up of some of the most vast and beautiful landscapes in the world. In turn, the state is home to extensive species of wildlife, both common and endangered. With Yellowstone National Park nearby, Jackson Hole is a hub for wildlife expeditions.

Spring in Wyoming brings snow melt and rebirth. Expansive mountain meadows become blanketed in wild flowers, the bears emerge from their long winter “nap,” and the wolves busily prepare and tend to their new pups. This is a time of dramatic awakening as life abounds. This is a wonderful time for viewing the area’s wildlife.

As summer emerges, snow retreats, and high mountain lakes, hiking trails and their accompanying panoramic vistas become accessible. The warm weather of the summer months allow for the most comfortable time to be outdoors and experience the wildlife of the greater Jackson Hole and Yellowstone region.

Fall in Wyoming is slow for tourists and busy for wildlife. As the colors change and winter approaches, the animals work steadily to prepare as they store food and body fat in hope of survival. The slower season and the collage of color in every forest makes fall a great time to visit Jackson Hole.

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