Rafting, Scenic & Whitewater

In 1811 the Astorians, representatives of John Jacob Astor and his fur trading business camped at Astoria Hot Springs below Hoback Junction.  The plan was to be the first to navigate the Snake River by canoe.   After a scouting party reported that the canyon was not passable by horseback or canoe the Astorians headed west by another route and left “The Mad River” for someone else to tame.  Today, almost everyone can experience the thrill of whitewater rapids with names like Big Kahuna, Three Oar Deal, Maytag and Lunch Counter.  You have a choice of helping paddle a raft or setting back, holding on and letting someone else do the work.  Either way you will get your heart rate up and experience something that the Astorians never did.  Bald eagles, osprey, moose and deer are spotted regularly.  On occasion a coyote, bear, or even a wolf might show up.  It's an experience that those of us that live here repeat on a regular basis.

If you’re not sure about the Whitewater, then a scenic float is another way to build memories.  The Snake River, as it wanders through Jackson Hole, is magnificent.  The snowcapped Tetons and the awe-inspiring views of the rugged Wyoming landscape set the stage for the wildlife of the area.  For the scenic floats we recommend the early morning or late evening when the wildlife is most active.  We will be glad to make recommendations and assist you in booking your River Adventure.  If you prefer to handle your own arrangements we have listed the rafting companies that call Jackson Hole home.

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