Paragliding & Ballooning

Leave the confines of gravity and “reach for the heavens” as you sail, float or glide over some of Wyoming’s most extraordinary landscape.

Jackson Hole paragliding is unique. With the backdrop of the Tetons at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, flying here is like no other. The summer months offer exceptional flying, but even the winter provides windows of clear weather for taking off from the top of Rendezvous Bowl. For beginners and non-flyers, taking a tandem flight with an experienced pilot is a perfect option if you wish to touch the sky. For a more in-depth exposure to paragliding, lessons are offered by more than one local gliding company.

Ballooning in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is an exhilarating experience. Start at daybreak, when the first pink rays of the sun are bathing the Tetons in marvelous pastel. The winds are the calmest of the day, the wildlife is often seen, and there is not a better way to start a day. Each flight is custom tailored to the weather conditions of the day by our experienced aeronauts. Soar from 1500 to over 4000 feet above the launch, depending upon conditions. But whether a mile or a millimeter above the meadow, that lighter-than-air feeling stays with you, and may last long after the gentle landing.

Glider flights in Jackson Hole, Wyoming offer one of the best ways to see the Teton Range. The poweredglider offers several tours, including the Mile High Scenic Lop Flight – a bird-eye view of the areas highlights, from over 11,700 feet high. Try the Grand Adventure Touring Flight, which takes you eye-to-eye with the Grand at 13,770 feet. Either way, you will experience the mountains in a way few get to enjoy.

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