Just how much do you want to do?

It’s hard to stand on the valley floor in Jackson Hole and not wonder what it’s like on the top of The Grand.  If you want to find out we can help you get there.  But first let’s start with a few easier options.  The mountains and valleys of Jackson Hole have more trails to hike than can be counted.  There are the most popular that you need to see if you will only be here once.  If you want to get “off the beaten path”, it is easy to do. 

The rewards of a day spent in the mountains and forests of Jackson Hole can be inspirational.  The sound of a crystal clear mountain streams descending thousands of feet to the valley floor, the vibrant colors of meadows filled with wildflowers, a chance sighting of one of the many species of wildlife that call Jackson Hole home and the sound of solitude.  All contribute to the magic of this special place.  Our promise is that we can find a trail that is just “the one” for you. 

Let’s talk a little more about The Grand.  The Tetons have been a climbing Mecca for over 100 years. The first ascent of The Grand was in 1898.  A trio climbed what is now known as the Owen-Spalding route.   Since that time it is hard to say how many first ascents there have been and how many more are yet to come.  The Grand is by no means the toughest climb in the area, but it is rewarding to leave your name on top.  Not only has The Grand been climbed but it has also been skied.  We can’t help you if you want that adventure but we can with the others.  If you prefer to make your own arrangements, here are some guides that we recommend.

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Exum Mountain Guides
Jackson Hole Mountain Guides


Road or Mountain Bike-Your choice

If you like to see the world from the saddle of a bicycle, you can choose either road or mountain bike.  There is a reason that you see so many bikes loaded on cars in Jackson Hole.  There is an even better reason that you see the racks empty while someone is on the pedals.

There are miles of paved pathways in Grand Teton National Park and through out Jackson Hole for either road or mountain bike.  The mountain biker has numerous choices.  A couple of the more moderate trails in the area include the “Hagen to Putt-Putt Trail”, the “Cache Creek to Game Creek Trail”, and the “Ferrins Trail”. The trails in this difficulty class are often a mix of forest road and track, and contain some difficult terrain.

“Phillips Canyon Trail” and “Black Canyon Trail” are good examples of some more challenging pedaling for those bikers enamored with steep switchbacks, root drops, creek crossings, and rocks on the downhill. Some of these rides require significant hill climbing and technical ability. For those trails that cross multiple streams, be sure to check if the creeks are crossable before you head out. And as always when taking a trip in the mountains, bring plenty of water and raingear.

The Teton Mountains are the setting for some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and there is no better way to see them than riding quietly through the meadows and woodlands. Next time you travel to Jackson, reserve an afternoon to enjoy the day. Conditions are best from April to October depending upon snowmelt conditions.

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